El Ahmadi frustrated: “No passion, no fight’

544d31c33287341dd93a446f8ca8f3bd - El Ahmadi frustrated: "No passion, no fight'

Karim El Ahmadi was hard for himself and his team mates from Feyenoord after the stray defeat against PSV (1-3).

Feyenoorder Karim El Ahmadi during the duel with PSV.

“It didn’t,” grumbled the captain of the champion from Rotterdam. “It was in possession of the ball and after losing heavily underperforming.”

El Ahmadi recognized his team is not in the first half. “No passion, no fight”, he analyzed for the camera of FOX Sports . “In the second half was slightly better but then it was already too late. We would like to clap, just like in the cup match last month. But nothing was less true. It didn’t matter what we did. The difference with last season is very, very large.”

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