Dutch minister of Health to stop tanning

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The Dutch association of dermatologists advises the Dutch minister of Health Hugo the Young to the tanning bed to swear. The CDA-politician known Friday, in the Dutch talk show, home cooked apple pie that he made with some regularity on the sun bed to be found, but that’s ” extremely unwise and dangerous’, find dermatologists.

The Dutch Association for Dermatology and Venereology (gpl for short) is not to speak about the confessions of the minister of Health. The association advocates in the Netherlands for years for a ban on tanning beds. Which are, according to them, responsible for four hundred additional cases of melanoma per year, and the Netherlands has been at the forefront of skin cancer’, it sounds.

The dermatologists are going to the 40-year-old minister a personal letter to send, and want him also to invite for a dermatological examination. ‘The minister is with his zonnebankbezoeken certainly in the risk group. We are going to him personally to invite.’

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