“Courage is important in time Wilders and Baudet’

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“It is still important to tell stories about citizens with extraordinary courage, especially in these times of nepnieuws and with Wilders and Baudet that but everything uitkramen.” Barry Atsma plays the lead role in the latest war film Banker of the resistance, and is absolutely not of the opinion that there are now enough movies about the Dutch resistance during the Second world War.

“If you like this film shows, you know how necessary it is to take on the Second world War to continue,” adds tegenspeelster Fockeline Ouwerkerk. “It is completely not so long ago. My grandmother made the war, and who is still alive. And we have extensively spoken with the people that were in this story were involved.” This story is the story of the Amsterdam banker Walraven van Hall (Barry Atsma) who, together with his brother Gijsbert (Jacob Derwig), the largest bankfraude from the history of the Netherlands up to the entire Dutch resistance to finance. Director Joram Lürsen film of the ’greatest unknown act of resistance’.

Fockeline Ouwerkerk, who is the wife of Walraven van Hall played, and Barry Atsma both had never of the heroic story of the brothers Of the Hall heard. Atsma: “They did it so well, with numerous schijnconstructies and pseudonyms. As a result of their actions as long gone unnoticed. And after the war were the people who, however, knew very hesitant to talk about it. They had, however, tens of millions of guilders to The Nederlandsche Bank robbed.” Ouwerkerk: “The story touched me greatly when I first heard it. It was a real heroic deed. People who live their lives ventured for a much greater purpose.”

Tragic figure

Atsma and Ouwerkerk, spoke extensively with relatives and involved, among whom the now 82-year-old son of Walraven van Hall, Aad. “It was very special to make and coffee to drink with the son of a hero of the resistance. And then also someone whose life you are going to play,” says Atsma. “That’s what you want than additional well-to do, don’t go cheating with the story. It is a sensitive issue for the family and I go to that than just play. That is spicy and puts a certain pressure on your shoulders.” Ouwerkerk: “It was also very intimate. We have movies viewed from Aad his parents that he had never seen before. That you know that there are next-of-kin of whom we the story tell, that is so special.”

Pierre Bokma crawled for Banker of the resistance in the skin of the infamous NSB and the then-director of The Dutch central Bank Meinoud Rost van Tonningen. A character that he earlier had deepened. “His wife was a time back still in the news with weird statements. When I am there and have a record. Rost van Tonningen was actually one of the most tragic figures of the Second world War. He wanted to be so happy. He believed truly that the Netherlands under the nazis was better off. A special attitude. Walraven van Hall channeled millions away from The Nederlandsche Bank, right under his nose. In addition to that the Germans lost the war, that was his greatest defeat.”

Banker of the resistance runs from march 8, in the cinema.

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