Cocu pleased with ‘fantastic’ PSV: ‘Lovely weekend’

4e19f7e08494795f8f29308ad73cbb92 - Cocu pleased with 'fantastic' PSV: 'Lovely weekend'

PSV took Sunday thanks to a 1-3 victory at Feyenoord back away from Ajax, that in your own home any further than a draw against ADO Den Haag (0-0). A delicious weekend. And there should be more to follow”, responded Phillip Cocu, the trainer of the Locals.

PSV coach Phillip Cocu.

“We really have to work hard to, but the team has done a fantastic job”, said Cocu in a conversation with FOX Sports. “We were very solid and we have a lot of pressure on Feyenoord laid. We had chosen to be asked to address. That we have almost the entire game done with a lot of energy, and that pays off.”

“I think that we are clearly good steps in terms of laden races in which much is at stake”, saw the trainer. “Of course you have a tactical plan, but it is also about the way you run and how you as a team to the hockey field and what you exude. That Ajax gelijkspeelde, was still a perk of what we received. In this case, this was a huge incentive to have some extra to give.”

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