China makes way for third term, president Xi

9c64b84e926300204307cb863bada1d8 - China makes way for third term, president Xi

The Chinese communist party has on Sunday presented to the constitutional limit of two consecutive presidentstermijnen to lift. Report that Chinese state-owned media.

This is the way for president Xi Jinping to open longer to stay in power.

The central committee of the party agree to references in the constitution to delete, which stipulate that the Chinese head of state not more than two consecutive terms of office – two times five – is allowed to exercise.

Xi has been president since 2013. Normally he is so in 2023. The constitutional provision is the only thing that Xi is also the head of the party and of the army – from also after 2023 to stay in power in China.

There was, in the past been repeatedly speculated that Xi longer as president would wllen ones.

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