Brands admits: “Lozano is a ratje’

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PSV director Marcel Brands has admitted that Hirving Lozano, who Sunday because of a suspension again the winner with Feyenoord fog, very occasionally and awkwardly off the road can fly on the football field.

Hirving Lozano complains to referee Dennis Higler.

“Lozano is a player that a lot of violations, and then he does something back. He is ratje,” said Brands at FOX Sports, referring to the red card that the Mexican last week in the duel with sc Heerenveen, after an elbow strike.

Last week there was a lot to do to Lozano. PSV did not agree with the settlement proposal of three matches suspension. Thursday night filed the case to the disciplinary committee, with the prosecutor a sentence of four duels suspension (unconditionally) demanded. The Locals demanded acquittal, but according to the disciplinary committee, it is clear that Lozano is found guilty of striking an opponent.

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Technical director Marcel Brands of PSV.

It caused considerable anger at Brands. “I am Thursday for the first time since I player was once again going to look at some tuchtzaak. Well, it was also the last time. I sit irritate. The prosecutor began with a story that he feels PSV understood, but there is then an additional match.”

“The situation had anyway, to avoid the arbitration. The referee had just for the first offense to flutes. In the reports, wrote the arbitration that Lozano was first held by Lucas Woudenberg, but it was not for the whistle.”

Hirving Lozano pulls Morten Thorsby of Heerenveen down.

Brands irritated mostly by the course of affairs regarding the incident. Itself, he found that red not a very crazy decision. “I doubted also. If you slowmotionbeelden see, you think: this is to be severely punished. On the images at normal speed is to see that he could be a little bit behind.”

Also the fact that almost every referee in the Premier league other standards are used, creates irritations among Brands. “One week, with Bas Nijhuis, there must be a lot and then a week later you have Higler and it is a completely different game.”

Lozano missed earlier this season even though the first match with Feyenoord. In the away game with sc Heerenveen, he also all red. After a tackle on Denzel Dumfries was Lozano by referee Kevin Blom sent off the field, waadoor he is the topper in Eindhoven missed.


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