Booing on his return the Scoundrel in Belgium

3a393cd262dd0aa1952c4ee4ce5e0b46 - Booing on his return the Scoundrel in Belgium

The first appearance of a Villain in Belgium since the kech-the fuss in the beginning of this year is not at all expired as the rapper that had in mind. He appeared an hour late and was after a quarter of an hour had disappeared because of problems with the sound.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like for you to occur but the sound must be good”, apologised a Villain, so to see images from the VTM News. “I love you anyway you, Belgium,” he said to then leave the stage and not return. The rapper was then treated to a loud booing.

Rascal came on in a club in Destelbergen, not far from Ghent. It was his first gig over the border, since he is in January discredited was because of vrouwonvriendelijke statements. He made women that came to him from the fire had helped after car trouble for kechs, Moroccan for whores. Many festivals and organizations said that the cooperation with the artist, then.

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