Bombings in Syria continue, despite UN file

e77a079b57a8dee263bb1a87636c8e6a - Bombings in Syria continue, despite UN file

The attacks of the Syrian regime in Eastern Ghouta also go Sunday to continue, despite the UN resolution for a cease-fire in Syria. It reports the Syrian Observatory for human Rights

“The raids are Sunday morning starts again, with two attacks in the sector of Chifouniya’, says the ngo.

Rebbelenclave Eastern Ghouta, east of Damascus, is already since a week bombarded by the Syrian regime. There were already more than five hundred civilians killed. Saturday reached the UN security council reached an agreement on a cease-fire of thirty days.


The French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel have Sunday a meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. They will talk about the application of the cease-fire. That has the Elysée Sunday announced.

The communication emphasises that the leaders ‘extremely vigilant’ will be that the ceasefire is respected. That ‘must be respected’ and the provision of humanitarian assistance should be ” without delay to the places most affected by violence and shortages’. Should also be medical spoedevacuaties freely take place.

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