Blunderende goalkeeper: “The music was still on’

44d71c56b780e0b1dd68beb958d02c74 - Blunderende goalkeeper: "The music was still on'

Mark Flekken got Saturday spots in his neck after the still in strong position to FC Ingolstadt. The Limburg goalkeeper of Second Bundesliga club MSV Duisburg was on the embarrassing manner in the gone wrong with the goal from the guests.

Mark Flekken went Saturday the world over with his gaffe.


Immediately after a rejected hit, the home team could Stefan Kutschke to the other side of the field without any opposition from the goalie to the 1-1 binnentikken. Flekken was what to drink with his back to the field… The 24-year-old final item was then rapidly the world over with his gaffe (VIDEO).

After he explained what was going on. “Ahmet Engin headlined for us the 2-0 and the entire stadium started to cheer. Also the goaltune went to. I turned around to get something to drink from my water bottle and suddenly the ball suddenly with me in the goal. The music was even more…”

Eventually, the blunder of Flekken, trained by Roda JC, without consequences. MSV Duisburg, the number four of the Second Bundesliga, won 2-1. “Now, I can of course laugh about it, but it was a very curious moment. The next time I put my water bottle is not in the goal,” decided Flekken with a smile.


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