At the Matthias Lens brings new single from

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Last year was Matthias Lens ‘Classic’ and edited the greatest classics of the ‘Goes Classic’saga of Helmut Lotti, beautiful accordeonversies. ‘Matthias Lens Goes Classic’, was the sympathetic Arendonkenaar his fourth Top 10 album in a row, in a period of less than five years, a very strong performance! After the instrumental interlude, it is now time for Matthias to full the ambiancekaart to draw, and his qualities as a singer/accodeonist out to play. With his new single ‘Heidi’, he has already a very strong trump card in the hands, because this oorwurm implants itself instantly in your brain and will be many a tent on fire. The fire should advance to the wick in the tent at the house Lens-Lynn, because Matthias is celebrating not only the release of his new single, but also allowed the 32 candles on his birthday cake blowing out!

“Of course it is nice that my new single just released on my birthday, nice reason to have a slightly firmer to party,” says Matthias with a smile. “I am very proud that I have the ‘Goes Classic’album should do with the original recordings and the blessing of Helmut, and that the people could taste. Now it is time for something different and I look greatly forward to with ‘Heidi’ on path to go, because I feel just that this song is going to work. I’m going to on this special day just try to enjoy it, but go and yet also secretly, the reactions of the fans to keep an eye on the social media, wondering if they ‘Heidi’ also can taste”, concludes Matthias.

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