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Anderlecht put era-Coucke in with doelpuntenfestival

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Anderlecht has his first victory under Marc Coucke bite. Without a hitch that was not, however, against Mouscron: purple-white was after playing for an hour already 4-0 for thanks to Morioka and a hattrick of Teodorczyk, but gave it in the slot even almost gone. Eventually it became 5-3.

High visit for the ” home of Anderlecht at Mouscron. New chairman Marc Coucke area the night after he took leave of her at KV Oostende down in the Astridpark. The businessman took for the match, immediately the time to get acquainted with some of the players. Under more Lukas Teodorczyk passed the revue in the new strong man in purple and white.

What is there in that short maintenance, it was said, is not known. But that the boost provided by the Polish striker, was immediately apparent. In the early stages was the left, vertrouweloze attacker the past few weeks, nothing to note. On the contrary, Teo presented herself eagerly, and was at the basis of any danger of the Inhabitants, came out. After three minutes he was allowed to creep in, seven minutes later he made the Bailly on a high ball challenge and then Pieter Gerkens but centimeters apart kicked off with a cracking shot. Actually had that the 1-0 should have been.

But that was just procrastination. After a first chance for Mouscron – Awoniyi was a little over – the Morioka after illustration of Teodorczyk if binnenleggen in an empty goal. The first goal for the Japanese in Brussels is self-employed. And Marc Coucke? That leap of pleasure straight into the arms of Roger Vanden Stock. Anderlecht smelled blood and got some good chances through Trebel and Gerkens.

Mouscron had in the meantime forced Mohamed swap after a onzacht contact with Teodorczyk. That last case in the injury time from the dot is building for the 2-0 after Morioka against the ground was worked, and the Pool was missing: “Teoooooo” echoed for the first time in a long time of the banks in the Astridpark. His last goal for Anderlecht dated January 24, against Waasland-Beveren.

Mouscron could after the peace does not immediately recover from that opdoffer. Anderlecht pushed in the meantime, to the great joy of the hometown audience. After ten minutes headed Teodorczyk the 3-0 staalhard past Bailly after a perfect cross from Saief, on the hour and completed the Pool his hattrick with the foot after a pin-point cross from Gerkens. Celebration in the botanical garden ‘Astridpark’ and the new chairman Coucke. In the meantime, if Lazar Markovic his first speelminuten collect in purple-and-white.

4-0 and the game is played, do you think? That was outside the Mouscron counted. With just over twenty minutes to go put Taiwo Awoniyi the 4-1 handsome with a diagonally shot. No reason to panic at Anderlecht, but barely a minute later it was a different story when the sunken Benjamin van Durmen with his first action immediately the 4-2 along Sels tapped.

Anderlecht played plots with the daver on the body. Sels had Awoniyi and Amallah with two handsome rescues of a goal. Anderlecht scored almost itself once more through a good kopkans of Teodorczyk, while on the other side almost the owngoal of the year fell Dendoncker the ball right on the back of Teo popped. Fortunately for the Anderlechtfans went to the ball next, but moments later, it was still touch: Mezague scored on a corner kick in the 4-3 for Mouscron.

Anderlecht came in the slot a number of times with the fright. Mouscron tried with all their strength, the equalizer, pushing it in, but it was Anderlecht that eventually scored in the added time after a blunder from Logan Bailly. The Mouscron-goalie came far out of his goal, headlined half next to the ball and resulted in at Morioka, which is the 5-3 but for the binnentikken had. The match was then immediately blown off.

Anderlecht jumps through the victory back on AA Gent to the third place in the state, while Mouscron on the thirteenth place lagging behind.

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