An Miller dives In the icy lake in

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Snowdonia National Park in Wales is known for the spectacular mountain landscapes. An Miller, and Joris Hessels ready for adventure journey, through wind and weather. Bartel let no grass grow and let them all directly into the cold water to dive into.
Bartel : “With An and Joris, I have an interesting team : a small, agile, and feisty little lady that is everywhere save and then George who is a bit clumsy and there is also a nice way to go. It is undoubtedly a fascinating trip.”
An has very much passion in and no testing out of the way. She looks forward to it to yourself to catch a fish that they can prepare, but Joris has a visallergie. Will George the adventure in Wales with an empty stomach to get through or is this episode still a culinary tail?

Bartel in the Wild
Monday 26 February to 22u15 on FOUR

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