Amsterdammer Bergwijn ‘at home’ in Rotterdam

45c27e0c39c2d888ac025c71c65944d9 - Amsterdammer Bergwijn 'at home' in Rotterdam

As a born Amsterdammer feels Steven Bergwijn is remarkably at home in Rotterdam.

Gastón Pereiro and Steven Bergwijn celebrate the 3-1 of the Quarter.

The wing tips led PSV at the beginning of this month with two goals along Sparta (1-2) in Rotterdam-West, and excelled Sunday in the South of Rotterdam, the domain of Feyenoord. “My girlfriend lives here, perhaps, is this city to me, therefore, as well,” said Bergwijn, laughing.

The jeugdinternational was in The Cockpit all the goals of PSV involved. Bergwijn provided the assist on the opening goal of Santiago Arias, made the 0-2 and from the rebound of a shot from Bergwijn tapped Gastón Pereiro de 1-3. “Just before we the field went on, we heard from the trainer that Ajax 0-0 had been played. That gave an extra ‘boost’. From minute one we have the Team full of under pressure. We took them by the throat and didn’t go.”

Nine matches before the end of the league PSV has seven points ahead of Ajax. “I’m not going to say that we all champion,” said Bergwijn. “But yes, if we continue to win, then we do that.”

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