American companies let the NRA fall after boycott call

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Several American companies to stop their cooperation with the National Rifle Association (NRA). After the shooting at a school in Florida on Valentine’s day is getting louder, calling for a boycott of these companies if they are the American gun lobby continue to support.

The NRA, which has five million members, has (like other large organizations), partnerships with some of the big companies. But after the protest that came after yet another deadly shooting in a public place, see a lot of these companies from the advantages that they are NRA members offer.

Delta and United Airlines, for example, two of America’s largest airlines, announced this weekend that they differ from the American gun lobby. Delta deletes the program that NRA members discount offered and also United them is no longer cheaper flights offer to the annual conference.

Their announcement follows similar decisions of, inter alia, car rental companies, Hertz and Avis, computerbeveiligingsbedrijf Symantec, insurer MetLife and hotel group Wyndham. The First National Bank of Omaha, that the NRA of a private credit card provides, the contract will not renew.

Black list

The companies will give in to the call to boycott which is being spread on social media. “There are only five million NRA members, and more than 300 million others. Businesses can choose with whom they want to do business’, is the subtle blackmail of the demonstrators, calling others to no longer for companies to choose to work with the NRA, and a list to distribute.

“Some companies have decided to enable our members to punish in a shameful display of political and social cowardice. These companies will over time be replaced’, appeared Saturday on the website of the gun lobby. ‘The loss of a discount, not a single NRA member will distract from our mission to the individual freedom to defend.’

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