Again British ngo discredited for seksschandaal

0f083c3d7dffd7fcc5e0a189ce34bf15 - Again British ngo discredited for seksschandaal

Employees of the British ngo Mines Advisory Group (MAG), which is committed in the fight against anti-personnel mines in the Congo regularly, women paid for sex. That the organization has on Sunday admitted it.

The Mines Advisory Group came Saturday in time after in the British press was leaked that several employees in Africa, mainly in Congo, regularly prostitutes visited between 2011 and 2013. The whistleblower, an employee in Kinshasa, the heads of the organization notified, but did nothing, ” he said.

The MAG was one of the many charities to which princess Diana for disposal.

The organization has accusations Sunday admittedly. The ngo has the complaints ‘not enough’ examined, says an executive in the Sunday Times. “That had to be done, and we have a lot of regrets.’ The organization stresses that the rules and procedures subsequently have become more stringent.

There are In total in the past ten years eleven ‘incidents’ involving the abuse of power, is ALLOWED. Four people are eventually dismissed, three others received a warning. Two other incidents are still being examined, the other two complaints proved to be unfounded.

MAY is after Oxfam the second British ngo that comes under fire for a seksschandaal. At the International Red Cross since 2015 23 employees dismissed for inappropriate behavior, including with prostitutes.

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