15 Turkish-players sentenced to death in Iraq

2b86d73125dd1bd20e5885cbef32e9ea - 15 Turkish-players sentenced to death in Iraq

A court in the Iraqi capital Baghdad Sunday fifteen women of Turkish origin was sentenced to death. They were part of terror group IS. A sixteenth-fighter got for life.

The women – all aged between twenty and fifty years old – appeared Sunday, fully dressed in black in court. At least four of them had young children with them. They were all married to an IS fighter, and then from Turkey to Iraq moved to their spouses to assist in the battle, they declared. One of the women also stated that they actively had fought against soldiers of the Iraqi army.

Fifteen women were sentenced to death, sixteen received life imprisonment. They now have a month to appeal.

Iraq has recently various foreign-players, including a German, sentenced to death. The Iraqi terreurwet shows that people who do not have actively fought, but on the other way have helped, the death penalty can get. Include human rights organisation Human Rights Watch voiced there criticism.

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