110 girls missing, Hassana (13) escapes

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ABUJA – After an attack on a school in Nigeria by suspected members of Boko Haram are 110 girls missing. That said, the ministry of Information Sunday. Terrorist group Boko Haram attacked the school in the place Dapchi in the northeast state of Yobe on Monday.

Hassana Mohammed (13) could be the attack of Boko Haram narrowly escape.

The government of Yobe said on Wednesday that dozens of schoolgirls were rescued by the army and feestvierden in the streets. One of them is Hassana Muhammad (13), which on the picture was fixed, and the faces of the girls. But a day later gave a statement which stated that the majority of girls still were missing.

Boko Haram has more than 20,000 people have been killed and two million people forced to flee their homes since a violent insurgency in 2009, started. President Muhammadu Buhari, the 75-year-old former military ruler who in 2015 was elected after he Boko Haram had been seeking to expel it, called the disappearance of the girls a “national disaster.”

Only mission: find our girls

The insurgents drove Monday to the village of Dapchi in and attacked the girls ‘ school, after which hundreds of students on the flight together. Some of the attackers were camouflaged, so students thought that they were soldiers.

The Nigerian air force said Sunday additional luchtmachtsteun to the northeast, to have sent with “if any mission, to day and night to the missing girls to find.”

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