Wolff never does more tv’ after College Tour

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Michael Wolff, author of the bestseller Fire and Fury about Donald Trump, never goes more tv. That suggests he Friday on Twitter.

“I swear tv completely off and do it now on the old-fashioned way: live. Come to my tour talks about Fire and Fury.” Wolff said Friday afternoon, all of the interviews in the Netherlands and Belgium because he was angry about the interview that Twan Huys with him had waned for the program College Tour. This recording was Thursday.

The American journalist would be on this recording, ’rebuffed’, writes The Parool. He was several times asked to the passages in his book about Nikki Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations. The author insinuates that she has an affair with president Trump. Haley denies that.

Sneer to Twan

Wolff hit during the broadcast annoyed and made a sneer about the interviewkwaliteiten of Huys. “It was a spirited discussion,” states the editor-in-chief of the College Tour. “He found the interview apparently over-critical. But that we cannot understand. If you have the edge to look up to of what you write down, you must also critical questions of Twan and the students can handle.”

Wolff wrote Fire and Fury based on two hundred interviews with the top employees of Trump, and the president himself. Trump denies in turn that he, the journalist has spoken. The broadcasting of College Tour with Michael Wolff’s Monday show on NPO 2.

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