Visitors furious at organization Star of Holland

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The concert Stars of Holland on Friday evening in Ahoy is anything but flawlessly. On social media complaining people bitterly about the poor organisation. A large number of people were even denied access because the venue might be full.

“What a travesty!! We could not go inside because there were too many people inside. Hundreds of people in the door”, writes Ineke Rose on Twitter. Danielle Beekhuizen let us know: “Full of that hall grim atmosphere really irresponsible! We went home and to our surprise when we get to the exit ran, there was 200 men out of which not more allowed!!!” Also, there would be several fights have taken place.

An eyewitness reveals to the Rotterdam Dagblad 010: “‘They came on the floor breath is too short and it was dangerous. The evening was sold out and sold out meant 8,5 thousand people, said the security guards. But according to their could that, with pitches up to them, up to 10,000. It was a creepy experience.”

Among others, André Hazes, John Beaver and Tino Martin performed in Ahoy.

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