Van Persie chuckles about defined on the Feyenoord training

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Robin van Persie was this week been then Wednesday, the flame in the pan beat on the training of Feyenoord. The final game of he made no more.

Robin Van Persie

“I have not seen,” chuckles he is about the argument between Steven Berghuis and Sven van Beek. “Oh, I have anywhere experienced. With Arsenal, Man United and Fenerbahçe. Those things happen to every club. It’s all about how you as a team respond after such a situation. How do you react to each other? Well, that was for our good. I have seen with our own eyes how afterwards in the dressing room. The response was good, and so is our entire team’s focus now on PSV.”
The biggest irritation with the players of Feyenoord still prevails is that the outside of them on the sleeve pin, that the competition will be run, against PSV not to go to the limit, and only to the own bekeravontuur think. The selection of the Team is ashamed of precisely weeks for the substandard performance in the Premier league and knows that there is more criticism is going to break loose if the duel with PSV a failure.

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