Thousands of Dutch people have DNA relinquish to 20-year-old murder case

Saturday beginning in Dutch Limburg, a large campaign with about 21.500 men are invited to the next three weeks DNA. That research happens in a murder case: twenty years ago, the 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen on the Brunssummerheide murdered. The culprit is never found.

The 21,500 men are invited to their mouth to reduce. All the collected genetic material is compared with DNA that is found in Nicky. The DNA is collected in six afnamelocaties.

In Brunssum and his 400 men called, in Landgraaf, 14.000, in Heerlen 4.100. In Heibloem are 400 men are expected, in Kerkrade, 600 and elsewhere in Limburg again to 1,200. Outside of Limburg received nearly 800 men a call to DNA. The men at the time and in the vicinity of the summer camp lived. During that camp is Nicky killed.

In October last year is already at 1,500 men, DNA conducted. That went to men who were familiar with the Brunssummerheide, for example, because they often came. Yet in them, according to the police, no match found.

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