SUV driver runs nine children dead

820411984b4bc7dfa05a092b1fb2fba3 - SUV driver runs nine children dead

MUZAFFARPUR – Nine students are in India to the life when they came to the crossing of a busy road and were hit by an SUV that is far too hard reed. The children were from school on the way home when the accident at the place Muzaffarpur happened, according to Indian media.

Relatives of the victims wait for the hospital in Muzaffarpur.

The driver of the vehicle struck after the collision on the flight. The school is on the national highway 77, where the students are killed.

The collision with the children followed another incident recently, where a truck and a woman was hit by a car. The SUV wanted to apparently along the accident drive away and touched when the children, who along the way were waiting until they could cross.

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