Sunday people with mental health vulnerability in Taboo

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When someone dealing with a psychological vulnerability, then he or she is often dismissed as ‘crazy’. Everyone lives closely with people who have the diagnosis of cancer, but if it is a psychological vulnerability, is that much less. A condition in which one’s personality is out of balance, it is for a lot of people in the environment of the patient is still terrifying. Reasons for Philippe Geubels to a few people to join and jokes to make. Who are the guests?

• Maarten (32, lives in de Haan (West-Vlaanderen)) received on his seventeenth depression. He snapped again, but relapsed three years ago in a depression with anxiety attacks. Maarten believes that a large part of the problem is the result of a society that is at too high a speed. He resides more often in South Africa, where he will find peace of mind.

• Dear (41, lives in Molenstede (Vlaams-Brabant)) is suffering since her teens to bipolar disorder. Since a elektroshocktherapie she is more stable, and therefore also a lot more aware, and happier. As an expert, and psychiatric nurse in training, she hopes other people in her situation can help them better.

• Wouter (27, lives in Mechelen (Antwerp), received six years ago for the first time a psychosis after he hash had smoked during a Chirokamp. Wouter was forced recorded and lived for three months in a closed institution. His condition improved, but he relapsed and got four years ago, a politics of fear, due to the stress of studying. He should remain vigilant and avoid as much as possible, stress to new psychosis out of the way to go.

• Veerle (65, lives in Diksmuide (West Flanders)) has a huge controledrang. She wants to know whether anyone from her family is safe. Further, she also has a very classic dwangneuroses. The challenge of her condition, bring in, were also evident during the pictures. It was for Veerle is not possible to go to Westouter.

Taboo, on Sunday One.

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