Security council unanimously ceasefire Syria

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NEW YORK – The United Nations Security council Saturday unanimously, with Russian support, adopted a resolution for a truce of thirty days in Syria. The cease-fire is necessary relief supplies and medical evacuations.

After initial opposition from Russia and days of negotiations, the fifteen member states Saturday in New York for the resolution. This, however, contains no binding pressure to the cease-fire under international law to enforce.

The council,demands that all parties immediately the fighting cease for a period of at least thirty consecutive days in the whole of Syria for a continuing humanitarian pause,” according to the text. The purpose of the resolution is humanitarian aid workers access to besieged areas and the UN relief workers and their partners to identify war victims in safety.

Military operations against terrorist groups such as Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda and al-Nusra are, however, excluded from the cease-fire. The extent to which the parties to the conflict to such a truce is the question.

The Syrian government troops were Saturday continue with fierce attacks on the besieged rebellengebied Eastern Ghouta. The predominantly islamist militants-controlled region near the capital, Damascus, is undergoing the worst wave of attacks since the beginning of the civil war almost seven years ago. About 400,000 people are almost completely closed off from the outside world.

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