President of the Czech republic: the hacker must to Russia

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PRAGUE – The president of the Czech republic has weighed in on the struggles to a Russian hacker. Yevgeny Nikoelin is stuck in the Czech republic and both Russia and the U.S. has asked for his extradition. The pro-Russian president in Prague, Milos Zeman, he wants to Russia. Thus he is diametrically opposed to his prime minister.

Nikoelin (29) is in October 2016, was arrested because of an American arrest warrant. He is suspected of breaking in to platforms such as LinkedIn and Dropbox. This would he the personal data of many millions of users have captured. After his arrest and also asked Russia for the extradition, but for a much lighter offense. A Czech court ruled that it to both countries could, and that it is up to the minister of Justice was to make the decision.

“This year there are two meetings where the president me has asked for him not to extradite to the United States but to Russia”, said the minister of Justice, Robert Pelikan, against the Czech nieuwsweekblad Respect. Prime minister Andrej Babis wants to understand that Nikoelin is to be extradited to the US.

Multiple requests

The United States have multiple requests are made to Russian cyber criminals extradited. So was Peter Levasjov recently by Spain on the plane to the USA being put Alexander Vinnik on the point to be extradited by Greece. Roman Seleznev was arrested in the Maldives and he is now in the US a prison sentence of 27 years.

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