Phenomenon Messi: Girona 36th(!) victim in La Liga

3bb812c2fcb74d9f05e31b8ffb83888e - Phenomenon Messi: Girona 36th(!) victim in La Liga

It is Saturday evening again not a measure on Lionel Messi. In the first half of the competitieduel with Girona runs the Argentine top scorer of Barcelona’s opponents crazy.

Lionel Messi

Girona was after two minutes, thanks to Cristian Portu al, 0-1 in Camp Nou, but has no time to really view had on a stunt. Within five minutes signed Luis Suarez, after a pass from Messi, all for the 1-1.

After half an hour of play it was the turn of the Argentine itself. He scored never against Girona, but that came after a good action in the opposing penalty area to change in. Messi seemed to be first with the right to go shoot, but hurried inside and shoved between three opponents in touch: 2-1. Girona is the 36th opponent in the Spanish league against which he scores.

Also the 3-1 came in the name of Messi. The wall jumped on a free kick and so he shot the ball under it. Even before peace had also Suarez his second goal to tackle. After a smooth combination with Messi and Coutinho signed the Uruguayan for the 4-1.

Barça – Girona started at 20:45 hours there is here live to follow.

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