’Oorlogsverhaal with the message for now”

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The biggest unknown act of resistance from the Second world War’, as is the story of the Amsterdam banker Walraven van Hall described. So unknown if the heldenactie more than seventy years for the large audience remained, as suitable turned out for a great film. Director Joram Lürsen took the challenge and signed for the Banker of the resistance, from march 8 to see in the cinema.

There was Lürsen much to close to the Banker of the resistance is no standard oorlogsepos. “It is a beautiful, heroic and universal story that deserves to be told. With a message that also now. The main characters had enough money to get out of occupied Holland to leave, but they chose to stay and something to do.”

That main characters are Walraven van Hall and his brother Gijsbert, played by Barry Atsma and Jacob Derwig. The Amsterdam bankers funded on an ever greater scale the Dutch resistance and were ultimately a risky operation at De Nederlandsche Bank tens of millions of guilders way to channel, right under the nose of the then director and NSB’Meinoud Rost van Tonningen (Pierre Bokma). It was the largest resorted to bank robbery in the history of Dutch, and with the proceeds was the entire resistance of money and resources.

There are already so many films made about the war in the Netherlands. What does this add up to? “If you know that watching movies, it seems as if we only heroic acts of resistance had during the Second world War. Of course, that was not so. But I thought this was a story that needed to be told. Many verzetsinitiatieven operated on a small scale, and deep under the ground. For the brothers Of Hall gold that are not, and they became the linchpin in the financial opposition, and everyone knew; for money you need to be there. They funded weapons and bought prisoners free, but paid is also in hiding, and major strikes. The resistance turned on their fund. Banker of the resistance is also not your average war film. He is not filled with swastikas and constant screaming and rondmarcherende Germans.”

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