‘Mrs. Ank’ overwhelmed by the success of The Luizenmoeder

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‘Mrs. Ank’ overwhelmed by the success of The Luizenmoeder

Mrs. Ank. Photo: AvroTros

Hello all, so glad you read this article. Most likely said the little voice in your head the first words of this article from the tone of Miss Ank. Ank is a resounding success and kluistert weekly is still about four million people on the tube.

But that huge success overwhelms Ilse Warringa, such as Teacher Ank in everyday life is called, somewhat. “I thought: the whole of the Netherlands is disturbed. Everyone has gone crazy and is in the polonaise over me rolled” tells Warringa to The Volkskrant about her well-known ‘Hello all’-song. The texts for the series writes Warringa itself, in cooperation with ‘Anton’ aka Diederik Ebbinge. The song sticks for Teacher and Ank also a personal story.

Personal reminder

“That stupid song is born out of a very personal memory: my daughter was practicing that ever on a harp, in a course on keys and plucking’ at the school of music. So it is not even of me, I just once heard and always remember. I see her before me, with her glasses and tiny hands, very awkward: “hal-lo al-le-times…’ So sweet. And then I got last time, just before I Doll (theatre, ed.) had to play in Deventer, about 26 times that fragment of DWDD forwarded, which André van Duin, the volkskomiek, hossend on hoempamuziek with olifantenpoten about that memory back banjerde. That was so completely at odds with the intention with which it was created… Then it burst I into tears.”

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Tv usa. theatre

That everyone with a personal reminder of the get go, was the actress in the beginning heavy. She could get her sweet little girl does not reconcile with the intense hysteria surrounding the song. “I can now laugh about it, you know, but the whole hype is so exaggerated.” Now Warringa on television, she seems suddenly quite what to do. But actually, she does this kind of work for more than twenty years. Only then in the theater.

Now all of a sudden, the actress fully in the spotlight, while they are actually not much different than they have been done. Despite this, the actress of course, not less fantastic to Miss Ank to play. They can in the script, the humor process that she so loves: abrasive, provocative humor. The are the weird notes of the basisschoollerares the series so much fun to watch. The are no ready-made jokes of the screen splashes, but little comments that slowly descend and where then to gegniffeld. “If I write to smile, but immediately think: oh no, this can’t really, then I know that all is well,” says Warringa.

She loves to balance on the edge of error, and what about them that for a very long time continue to do so. On television or in the theater, because, as it is a real teacher and it is fitting gives Ank us a wise lesson: “It would be really good if a lot more people to the theater went out.”

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