Matteo Simoni on a diet

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Matteo Simoni has new projects that he is looking. “The role of Dennis Black Magic in the Zillion movie, I’m really looking forward to,” he says in The Interest. “Though I must still lose a bit of weight.” Also, he put new contacts as shooting star in Germany. “We started with a large dinner party with all the producers and agents”, says Matteo. “Very nice to see that producers from Germany and Denmark really knew who I was. The days following we did contacts with the casting agents. There were ten tables and we had about an hour and a half for 10 to 15 minutes with about six people to talk. Every time the time was, a siren. Really speed dating. I have deliberately not too much over acting voice. I mainly wanted a pleasant conversation with them, so that they me, hopefully, in one way or another, will not forget. The message was: be modest and keep quiet. I’m glad I’m not 20 years more am. I already had some experience, so I also could enjoy.”

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