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KV Mechelen let three points against Charleroi

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KV Mechelen on match day 28 not managed to win against Charleroi. It was 1-1 in the AFAS stadium, but the home team had many more resident: Mats Rits missed in the final with a penalty kick. KV Mechelen let such a golden opportunity to the hole with the red lantern Three, that will play against Lokeren, to extend to five points. View the images from 23h on!

The task was clear for KV Mechelen. “We need everything to try to win, to get our destiny in our own hands”, says Van Wijk advance. This is partly why he chose to Pedersen as an extra striker, to the detriment of Matthys. But the Dane also played for a little more kopkracht to have – in the front, but also in the rear, with stationary phases. KV was already six kopgoals in a row, although each time after a center.

Seventh kopgoal

Correct: zéven kopgoals in a row. Yes, after seventeen minutes, it was again price. After a first chance for Fall worked a KV bad road, and if N’Ganga crossing. Bedia knocked Cocalic in the air and the 0-1 was on the board. Friday, there was still a “very well-trained on such stages”, says Van Wijk. To no avail.

Up until then, had fans, players and coaches are mainly occupied with the referee. Sylla and Tainmont both had go yellow after substantial interventions, but still it was Vertenten the bitten dog. After the openingsgoal went the jeers simply by. Happy began to KV also finally got to play football. Charleroi, that the genius of Benavente missed, thought now, especially to defend. Initially held well, but Tainmont had against his ex-club should always score. After wegboksen of Mandanda, the replacement of Penneteau, popped he head-long. Mandanda was later flat when Schoofs the corner,.

El Tanque scores

The 1-1 came closer and closer, and was for peace is still a fact. A first kopgoal of Mera was still rejected, because the ball crossed the dead ball line had already passed. But on vrijschop of Pocket buffelde the Colombian then again the leather in goal. This time, the goal, El Tanque was with his teammates to celebrate.

And it was the intention, but in the beginning of the second half there was not so much to experience. KV got what vrijschoppen and corners, but founded less than danger. The home team claimed a penalty after a cross from Bandé against the elbow of Dessoleil ended up, but the defender held his arm still next to his body, made sure no movement. In the meantime, Charleroi there is not at all more.

After three-quarters of the race handles both coaches. Mazzu brought Grange, who, with his pedaling technique danger had to be found. Van Wijk went for Matthys, who often as a substitute, the tide did turn from his right side. Immediately danger of KV along the línkerflank, Cobbaut kicked next. Schoofs later on.

Handsome penaltysave

Put someone, the stadium is in flames, there was someone still the celebrated hero? Bandé is it so often already, it may not always be price. He tried again with a volley, but Mandanda stood. Then suddenly: a penalty kick. The thousands of fans thanked Vertenten this time on their bare knees, after an error on Pedersen. Zipper took the responsibility on himself, set himself behind the ball, but… missed. Anyway, Mandanda dived the ball cleverly out of his corner.

An expensive miss as possible, the clock was ticking away. Ward threw Verdier still, he had to than but do. But there was nothing more in the house. It remained 1-1 and so could everyone shivering the match Eupen.

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