Kim Cattrall and Jessica Parker continue to fight

c554ab999d0cb75b057978526c39ce54 - Kim Cattrall and Jessica Parker continue to fight

The battle between former Sex and the City-colleagues Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall is still going on. Now also co-starring in the successful jarennegentigserie their opinion about the argument between Carrie and Samantha. Jason Lewis, who both in the series as the first film, the boyfriend of Kim Cattrall played, the existence of evident in ” camp SJP’. “If you have nothing nice to say, then keep your mouth. I have to say that Sarah is always very nice to me, and that they are enormously professional in her work. I also find that people of their dignity should be preserved, and grateful to that what is provided for them. And further I have no more words to dirt, because I have nothing more to say about it.” When the interviewer, Jason asked if he ” SJP’ or ’team Kim’ was confirmed to the actor that he ’probably is in team Sarah was.”

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