Jonas Smulders seize opportunities in Berlin

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It is hard work for a Shooting Star at the Berlin film festival. The Dutchman, Jonas Smulders, known for The Dinner and the series Hollands Hope, it was the last week of the ten European talents in Berlin in the spotlight. “You have no time to rest,” he laughs. “It is very intensive, but also very inspiring. From 9 o’clock in the morning until late in the evening, talk with people, meet your producers, and casting directors, shake hands on get-togethers.”

Some calls will be no bleeding; other may offer opportunities for projects in the future. “But net seem to be the most real in you are interested. Often they have to feel real in your work deepens and you are most movies seen. By the selection, you get a serious stamp as a “great European talent” and people treat you as such. That gives a huge jolt of positive energy.”

An international career is not something that Smulders necessarily aspires to. “But it would be a shame if you chances not to see or shoot,” he explains. “I am open to what you have on me face.” Fellow actors like Marwan Kenzari, and Sylvia Hoeks were ever Shooting Star in Berlin; now they make movies in Hollywood. “You know that it might be possible. But that requires a huge investment in the coming years: in language, in contacts. I must for myself to figure out how far I want to go and in what form I want it to pour.”


In addition, the actor just started the regieopleiding of the Film. “I’m not there yet right behind what I prefer doing, acting, or directing,” he explains. “I hope to discover here. But I find it especially fun to learn new things. I feel as an actor is pretty certain; as a director I can actually still nothing. I am not someone who is years ahead of plant, I’ll see where I end up beach.”

Preliminary enjoy Smulders, especially of the luxury that the festival him presents. Are good friends, Ko Zandvliet and Martijn Lakemeier are; the three visited Berlin over the last few years more often. Really prepared the actor is not. “You can do all kinds of one-liners in your head stomping to be good for the day to come, but you can do much better yourself and see how a conversation is,” explains Smulders. “I would not myself go to sell.”


Really starstruck is the Dutch star has not yet been of the big names that he’s at parties or get-togethers bump into. “I stood yesterday in the same room as Willem Dafoe,” he laughs. “But then I feel no need to suddenly, as a person and because of Willem Dafoe. You’re just colleagues.”

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