Ilse Warringa frustrated by the hype Luizenmoeder

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Ilse Warringa has huge success with the series The Luizenmoeder. The actress playing Mrs. Ank in the series and wrote together with Diederik Ebbinge (director Anton) the dialogues. Warringa surprised about that success, as they have been since 2005 with muziektheatergezelschap BloodyMary performances with the same type of black humor.

“Every major theater producer now wants to Luizenmoeder on stage. I’m not, because the rights are with AVROTROS and the production company. But me irritates it a bit: it is there already? Why even more of the same want? Everyone wants something now with Mrs. Ank. My agent Tsilla, that used to be my contracts did, suddenly has a day job to me. On Monday, as the viewing figures are known, she will get anyway, seventeen phone calls of games and applications for interviews. The first week I said everywhere yes, that is a little bit in my nature, but my agent keeps all of those requests now. Tsilla protect me and my family like a lioness. Because my husband and children have, of course, not to be asked,” says Warringa in the Volkskrant.

André van Duin sang the song Hello to all that Mrs. Ank in The Luizenmoeder sings like a carnavalsnummer in The World Runs By. That was against the sore leg of Warringa, that the song had picked up her daughter, who once played on a harp on a course at the school of music. “It felt like… a sort of carnival in hell. In that picture fell suddenly all the craziness together. I got the not more gerijmd: my daughter on the harp, and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk dijenkletsend at that carnavalskraker. It symbolized all the hysteria around The Luizenmoeder. I thought: the whole of the Netherlands is disturbed. Everyone has gone crazy and is in the polonaise over me rolled.”

“I can now be back to laughing though, but the whole hype is so exaggerated. And all that with that ugly song to the get – truly a song from nothing. I have for BloodyMary better things composed, haha. In the second season, we may express new songs, stop, look at what that going to do.”

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