How real are the practices of Grey’s Anatomy?

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How real are the practices of Grey’s Anatomy?

How real are the practices of Grey’s Anatomy? Photo: Unsplash

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy viewer, you have you may ever wondered, is it actually as in a hospital. A medical research team from the United States has been examined. There came out that in reality there are some a tad less dramatic.

Faster passing, and faster healing

For the study had the researchers 269 episodes to watch of the popular series, which is Monday, just the fourteenth season has started. After watching the series were the treatments of the fictional characters compared with the treatments of real patients. Here they made use of a database of almost five thousand real patients.

The results showed that in the series 71 percent of the distressed patients directly to the operating room. In real life it happens but at 25 percent of the patients. Also the pace at which people die in the series has masterbrein Shonda Rhimes is not entirely realistic thought. The scientists discovered that the fictional characters three times faster death than real patients. Also heal the characters in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital more quickly after surgery.

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Earlier in panic

The news that such a series is not so realistic, of course, not entirely as a surprise. In addition, they had a lot of fans expected this and know the most bingewachters how seriously they are drama series. Another study that was ever performed was to verify that viewers earlier in panic when a diagnosis after seeing all the fictional suffering on tv, or just paint a rosy picture of how quickly you after surgery heals. But this research shows that that’s not the case.

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