Here is Matthias Schoenaerts, not wake up

24803c07c019d5f946856c32fc2dc665 - Here is Matthias Schoenaerts, not wake up

Actor Matthias Schoenaerts in The Latest News the question of whether he is still abroad on the street can. “I have the impression that you did. With a pots, a scarf and a plaksnor you come quite far,” he laughs. Nevertheless, it happened half a year ago the laugh at him, when the big announced for the tv series with some of the superstars was removed because Harvey Weinstein was also involved. “The production company of Weinstein was behind that series, so that is now all silent. It was not cancelled. But those rights should be redeemed. I think that the production company now in need of other things to the head. ‘t Be things that happen. It is common for projects to go into production and then stopped. Is it a pity? Yes, of course, but I’m not waking up. I have enough work.”

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