Despite initial opposition, Russia: UN Security council unanimously for a ceasefire in Syria

acbcb703ef47447738490978306f78ca - Despite initial opposition, Russia: UN Security council unanimously for a ceasefire in Syria

The UN security council Saturday unanimously approved a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire of thirty days in Syria.

Despite the initial opposition from Russia, an ally of Syrian president Assad and a vetomacht within the Security council, voted in favour of all 15 members for the resolution.

The adopted text calls on ” all parties to the hostilities without delay to stop for at least 30 consecutive days in Syria, for a sustainable humanitarian pause’.

The goal is to get ‘the regular delivery of humanitarian aid and services, like the medical evacuation of the sick and seriously injured. The resolution also called for the cessation of the siege of Eastern Ghouta and Jarmoek. The last seven days were more than 500 civilians killed in attacks by the regime on Eastern Ghouta. But the international pressure to put an end to the siege of the enclave was only in the last 48 hours really stepped up.

By the opposition of Russia followed the vote on the resolution only two weeks after the submission by Kuwait and Sweden.

Russia wanted that each humanitarian convoy first green light, had to get out of Damascus, but that was denied by the western countries. The fight against jihadist groups like Islamic State and al-Qaeda are not covered under the agreement. At the request of Moscow are also individuals, groups, and entities associated with al-Qaida, IS, and groups by the Security council as a terrorist to be labelled, excluded.

The exceptions keep the risk of opposing interpretations. For the Syrian regime are ‘terrorists’, after all, the rebels who are supported by the west.

Within fifteen days, the Security council again to see whether the cease-fire is followed correctly.

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