Companies in USA are turning away from gun lobby

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NEW YORK – more and more companies are severing their ties with the American National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA is under fire because they short shrift continues to make with people that advocate for more stringent wapenwetten, after the shooting at a school in Florida last week. More and more companies are breaking with the NRA, such as insurers, car hire companies, a large moving company. Saturday joined in addition to Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

In a tweet asks Delta to the NRA Saturday, her information from the NRA website. Members of the gun lobby will get no discount.

NRA president Wayne LaPierre called earlier this week the current outrage after the shooting in Florida, “a shameless campaign” of the political elite. The club aims to avoid the ’fundamental right to arms ” is affected. That right to a weapon to own is the last time more and more discussed in the United States, especially after Florida where a boy seventeen people doodschoot. Many plead for, at least, stricter rules for the purchase of firearms.

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