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Belgian Lions against Bosnia first groepszege off your hands

The Belgian basketbalmannen have Friday in Sarajevo also their third game in group E of the qualifiers for the world cup 2016 will be lost. The Belgian Lions gifts in the slotminuten a lead of 7 points out of your hands. It was eventually 72-70. (rest: 34-28).

In the low first half was the players of coach Eddy Casteels not necessarily the correct pace. The Belgians members too much losing the ball and scored also difficult, witness the poor success rate from the vrijworplijn (3/9). Under the impetus of a excellent Quentin Serron kept the gap to the rest is limited: 34-28. After the break, moved the Lions up to a higher gear and they also took in the score command. With three minutes on the clock, and a 59-66 stand seemed to be the Belgian victory was a fact. The home team gave, however, were not won and climbed up and over the Belgians. With a three pointer made Jonathan Tabu, there are still 70-70, but from the vrijworplijn kept the Bosnians the victory in Sarajevo. Serron ended the match with 19 points and was topschutter. Also Retin Obasohan (16 points) and Tabu (13) showed double-digit growth.

The Belgians were their three groepsduels still no win. They lost on the first match day with 59-70 of France. Then Russia was in Moscow with a 76-69 too strong. Belgium with 3 points fourth and last. The first three countries of the group to punch through to the second and last part of the world cup qualifications in september 2018.

Sunday (15h00) bags the forces of Casteels to Nancy, where she is the undefeated group leader, France is party.

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