Beau van Erven Dorens experienced the toughest time of his life

82d60aaf3995ab8647516a1adf9b757c - Beau van Erven Dorens experienced the toughest time of his life

Beau van Erven Dorens stayed for his new program Beau Five Days Inside in six settings, and clinics. For each episode he went five days internally between the heavy criminals, drug addicts or dying. That was the seasoned presenter in the affliction.

Beau spent the past months growing for five days and nights in a tbs-clinic, a retirement home for drug addicts, an institution for multiple disabled, a hospice, a burns centre and a jeugdzorginstelling. Especially at night was difficult. “Often, the emotions. I thought: what have I experienced? In the tbs-clinic, for example, I had in the daytime a nice place to sit and chat with guests. Ajax, football, everything came over. And, of course, you know that they are not for nothing. But the night was realizing even greater that they are so very bad things were done. There were children killer”, says Beau in the AD.

In a hospice, he made acquaintance with a dying father of two children. “Who was 46 years, an incredibly funny Dutchman. Who is he in his bed. Two small children and his wife as a super woman. And they must say goodbye to a man who is just as old as I am. I get goose bumps every time I think about.”

Van Erven Dorens in his television career has already seen and done. So he went to Beaufort for extreme challenges like surviving in the jungle and, with no experience of a solo sailing trip. For The Amsterdam Project, he went on with a number of homeless people. But the making of his new program was his most difficult project. “Really, it goes to the people who live and work in, but I can say that I have never something as heavy have experienced.”

Beau Five Days Inside is from Tuesday 27 February to see on RTL 4.

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