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Antwerp-coach Bölöni should be located on a 10,000 euro fine

870738c75f54986549800d9f44d694fe - Antwerp-coach Bölöni should be located on a 10,000 euro fine

Antwerp-coach Laszlo Bölöni was Friday night during the opening match of the 28th match in Genk for the second time this season in the stands sent. That is him to a fine of 10,000 euros of the Pro League.

Bölöni lost his Romanian cool in the beginning of the duel in the Luminus Arena. Referee Wim Smet found it after a first warning is enough and deleted the T1 of the Great Old out of his dug-out.

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At the end of October got Bölöni in the ” home against Standard even though to stick with ref Bram Van Driessche. After putting a second ball on the field had kicked, if the Romanian in the stands to sit. After that match he got out to the race directors, giving him a meanwhile, thick disciplinary file in return. The Pro League put Antwerp and Bölöni on the basis of its internal regulation, also 5,000 euro fine.

For repeat offenders the fine will be 10.000 euros. On the next Board of Directors on 19 march, it is decided whether that amount is collected. Antwerp will have the opportunity to defend himself.

The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) is also likely to be a criminal. This communicates the Bondsparket Monday. There is still a conditional fine of 500 euro open of his exclusion against Standard.

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