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AA Gent win in extremis and jumps over Anderlecht into third place

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Waasland-Beveren is most likely her last hope on Play-off I see fly away. The lost in extremis with 1-2 against AA Gent. Yaremchuk gave the visitors the victory in the 92nd minute. AA Gent jumps over Anderlecht into third place. View the images from 23h on!

Ghent is with the shock released on the field of Waasland-Beveren. After a very weak first half, it could in the final stage, still a leaning situation to straighten thanks to the duo Chakvetadze-Yaremchuk. The Buffalo jump is so for at least 24 hours to the third place in the standings. Waasland-Beveren should be the dream for Play-off 1 store.

Louis Verstraete was allowed his debut in the basis against the team that will make him lend. Also Jur Schryvers was again in the base, at Waasland-Beveren. Ryan Mmaee and Rachid Ait-Atmane were a child of the account. In Ghent, there was also a debutant in the base: Sigurd Rosted in the centre of defence. This allowed Dylan Bronn on linskachter depanneren. Notable: no Yuya Kubo in the base. Yves Vanderhaeghe gives already for the sixth time in a row the confidence to Franko Andrijasevic.

It was a very pale first half. Of both teams, but Waasland-Beveren had the advantage that it could score. If that goal is an exponent of sloppy uitvoetballen for AA Gent. First played Bronn in an impossible ball on Yaremchuk, and when Gigot of the situation seemed to rectify when he kicked the ball right into the feet at Louis Verstraete – he thought that that still at Ghent played maybe? – that handsome Thelin employee. The Swedish topschutter was all alone within headings. Ghent, there could be but little opposite, except for a kopballetje of Rosted next. Buffalo’s got no grip on the midfield. There were too many duels lost and too few openings are created. The lap no time between the posts for serenity. Already did Waasland-Beveren is no longer up to the rest. A beautiful spot of Ampomah with a shot in front of was the only noteworthy for the break.

At Ghent they realized that it – like last week – a poor first half was. It was more eager out of the dressing room and was in the first five minutes after the break, though more dangerous than the entire first half. First with a shot from Foket by Roef in the corner was processed. What later could Janga to the second pole just not good enough in a ball of Yaremchuk. Ghent walked to the front, but had to take also beware of the counter attack. Louis Verstraete was so nearly even with the 2-0 score, but his effort went narrowly next.

Waasland-Beveren crawled over the second half backwards so the pressure of Ghent could increase. With a header from Bronn, who in addition went, an attempt of Sylla on the pole, and a shot of Kubo that by Roef clever about the target was tapped, also took the threat of Ghent in the slotkwartier. The 1-1 hung in the air, and that was also when Bronn a corner kick on Aft binnenkopte. Afterwards, Yaremchuk even a good chance on the 1-2, but the Salon went well, flat. However, could that Yaremchuk in extra time still the winning goal. He completed a beautiful action of Chakvetadze.

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