While shooter carnage ravaged, remained armed agent outside: “He had the shooter killing’

4ca9cc05d94652993eb73d4f2eecc12b - While shooter carnage ravaged, remained armed agent outside: "He had the shooter killing’

At the time that Nikolas Cruz school in Florida fought against and, ultimately, 17 people shot down, was definitely there – of in the beginning – an armed agent present on the campus. That was the building not within the 19-year-old shooter. Now he quits.

Scott Peterson was ‘school resource officer’ in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. That means that he must ensure the security and crime prevention in the American school. But when the 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz decided to call it a massacre to focus, which eventually 3 teachers and 14 students were killed, did the agent not enough.

Now, Peterson has resigned after he was told that he was suspended would be. Reports that sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County. Or the man is an accusation above the head, is not yet clear.

‘He had to kill him’

Peterson would run for about 90 seconds after the first shot to the building, gone where the massacre began, the shooting would be a total of six minutes have lasted. On security cameras would clearly see how agent Scott Peterson remains outside to wait. There he took position at the door, but he never went within.

On the question of what the agent will or should do, is sheriff Israel is clear: “He had to go. He had the shooter’s face. Kill him.”

No reason

It is not yet clear why agent Peterson of the building is not entered. Possible later an official statement made public.

However, it is clear that Peterson’s function will no longer exercise. After seeing the video with the bewakingsbeelden it was decided that he be suspended, would be, to which the agent decided himself to resign.


The local police is under heavy fire after it became known that she was already in 2016 and even a week before the shooting were warned about the strange behavior of the shooter Nikolas Cruz. Also, it would be at least 45 minutes have lasted for Cruz to identify the bewakingsbeelden, and then another half an hour before he is effectively in the buoys could be beaten.

The local authorities of Broward County now have an internal investigation started into the question of whether two other agents had been properly dealt with the two previous tips. Both agents are also limited in their function, in anticipation of the results of the research.

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