Wenger frustrated by ‘there’ Arsenal in lost return against Östersunds

6b37f81fe9290155f26c90646af0fb83 - Wenger frustrated by 'there' Arsenal in lost return against Östersunds

Arsenal-coach Arsène Wenger was Thursday night critical after the wanvertoning of his squad in the Europa League. The ‘Gunners’ lost at home surprisingly with 1-2 of Östersunds FK, but they reached the eighth-finals thanks to the 0-3 victory in the heenwedstrijd.

“In the first half we were not focused. We had no inspiration to make anything good with the ball to do and defensively, it was vulnerable,” concluded Wenger at his press conference. “It was disappointing, much more is there not to add to it.”

The return seemed at first no more than a formality, but the Swedish Östersunds struck after twenty minutes two times in a row and brought the tension back into the poorly-filled Emirates Stadium.

Thanks to a goal by Sead Kolasinac after rest remained Arsenal a big blamage saved against the European newcomer. The current number six of the Premier League lost, but it’s Friday ‘just’ in the sleeve for the draw of the eighth-finals.

“In the second half was our game, fortunately, a lot better, and had we more often need to score” said Wenger. “We responded well to the deficit and have the job done. That is the only thing that we this evening have to take.”

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