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Waylon sings tonight first Songfestivalliedje in DWDD

b11e89b41b8a6c57064c7253de956931 - Waylon sings tonight first Songfestivalliedje in DWDD

Tonight presents Waylon the song that he may have to the song Contest. It is the first in a series of five numbers that he when The World is Running By at this location will bring. On 3 march we hear with which song the singer actually to Lisbon.

In the consecutive broadcasts of The World Runs By on Friday-Thursday will Waylon are five potential songs to a live audience. At first it seemed that the public had any say would have, but in consultation with AVROTROS has Waylon already decided what song he us going to represent in Portugal.

The World Runs By

He does this even to the broadcast of Saturday, march 3, secret. That is an editorial choice, let The World Turn By to the AD. “We want the viewers to share what is involved in creating a song for the Eurovision song Contest. How is the choice for the final number to come from? Why are the other numbers?’ Broadcaster AVROTROS, which is responsible for the song Contest, to.

Song contest

Waylon represents the Netherlands on 10 may in the second semi-final. The group of death in which he has reached, for him it is, however, not be a problem.

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