Waylon presents his Songfestivalliedjes

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HILVERSUM, the netherlands – Next week Saturday will the Netherlands finally get to hear with which song singer Waylon will participate in the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon. To know the singer for a while which song that will be. He has the number that he in may the Netherlands represents the previous month, all chosen in consultation with his team and with AVROTROS, that on behalf of the Netherlands, the festival emits.

From Friday, the singer of one of the five nominated songs live play in consecutive broadcasts of The World Runs on NPO1. On Saturday march 3 will be announced which song it has become.

It is for Waylon the second time that the party participates. In 2014 he reached out as a member of The Common Linnets together with Ilse DeLange to the second place with Calm After The Storm. Waylon needs on Thursday, may 10, first play in the semi-finals. If he has sufficient points, he is allowed through to the finals on Saturday 12 may in the Portuguese capital.

Before Waylon is completely going to focus on the Eurovision song contest, he can with the winning song a few times practicing on a stage in the Netherlands. In april, gives the singer’s five concerts across the country.

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