Waylon chooses their own number after the Voice debacle

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Waylon decided by his experiences on The Voice of Holland for himself his Contest number. That told the singer Friday night when The world is running by.

Waylon played Friday, his first of five songs he wrote for the song Contest. Next week brings the other four songs in the tv program. At the end of the week he will be familiar with what number he to Portugal travel.

“In the first instance the intention was to here (DWDD) the choice to drop, so that the people could think,” said Waylon. “But when we had the debacle on The Voice and the vote of the public. I thought: I leave that but to prevent it.” This was referring to Waylon on the expelling singer Kimberley in The Voice of Holland. She was seen as a favorite, but got into the semi-finals, little voices, and was surprisingly not to the finals.

“The same evening I, perhaps hastily, and still pissed off, decided to use the number to choose”, says the 37-year-old singer. During the broadcast played Waylon his first possible Contest number, called Back Together.

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