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Vanhaezebrouck stimulated after criticism of ‘Chinese songs’: “Not all analysts do their work well”

Anderlecht-coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck responded at his weekly press conference pique after criticism from some analysts of last week. So had Marc Degryse in ‘Extra Time’ lack of understanding shown for the way in which Vanhaezebrouck the promises of Anderlecht afhaspelde as were the numbers of the Chinese. “Now they me to tackle because I don’t respect show for the young people. While analysts from the sky would fall if I that players just by their name had been mentioned,” according to QTY.

“You know very well why I last week that numbers bovenhaalde”, founded Vanhaezebrouck during the press conference to the journalists present. “Because we have no players had at that time. I Had just the names of the players on the bench, would sit, would be that analysts do not in the slightest know about who I was.”

“And then they me to tackle because I don’t respect show for the young people. There is no one who has so many match of the youth as I. No one that has so much info about both of these young people than I am. No one who so many young players up than I am. So yes… sometimes it is by the hair caught. I was also required to respond.”

“I shave, not everyone over the same comb. As I am about analysts speak, I also don’t have all analysts. But then there are certain guys who feel called to call on anyone else. That is now on me, the better it will deal with Anderlecht. Then they will be another victim to find. Beware, there are also good analysts, they that something deeper dare to look, but the only one that is attracted, which still have to respond.”

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