USA Russia responsible for Syrian civilians killed

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At the spoedzitting of the UN Security council over the conflict in Syria is not voted on a draft resolution for a cease-fire. Russia wants, that in its current form will not draw. The United States disclaim meanwhile, on the ‘special responsibility’ that the Russians have for the murderous bombings.

The draft resolution, submitted by Kuwait and Sweden, would provide for a cease-fire of a month and access to crisiszones for humanitarian workers. Russia, that the special session was convened, the text in its current form does not approve because it is not clearly defined is what jihadistengroepen not in the ceasefire, may be included.

The Russian delegation had some suggestions to change the text in. What these proposals involve is not known. Diplomats assume, that after further consideration probably Friday voted will be.

USA: “Without Russia there would be no question of killing’

“Without the support of Russia to Syria would become of this destruction and these deaths no question,” said Heather Nauert, spokesman of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile. Thursday there were again 46 civilians killed. “This reminds us of the special responsibility of Russia for what happens there.’

After the failure of the draft resolution in the UN Security council for a humanitarian cease-fire, accusing Nauert Moscow it ‘sticks in the wheels to poke’ of the negotiations about an armistice.

According to her, demonstrate the four hundred dead, the failure of the negotiations of the Astana team, where Turkey, ally of the Syrian rebels, along with Iran and Russia, allies of the dictator Bashar al-Assad, the creation of ‘the-escalatiezones’ were agreed to end the violence in Syria. “This shows to what extent this de-escalatiezone a joke,” she said.

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, denounced Thursday the ‘disaster language’ about the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta, which, according to him, the situation on the ground does not reflect. On Russian media channels like Russia Today, incidentally, was funded by the Kremlin, draws Nebenzia the western news coverage about the horrors of the war in Eastern Ghouta is in doubt.

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