Turkey bombards convoy in Afrin

066d81a5a11d50e60d67c7c2f07e289d - Turkey bombards convoy in Afrin

ISTANBUL – The Turkish armed forces in the Syrian region of Afrin, a large convoy is attacked. It went according to Turkey for vehicles with “terrorists, weapons and ammunition” from the Kurdish YPG militia.

The YPG says that and claims that the vehicles are, inter alia, ‘food aid and medical supplies” used.

The convoy consisted of, according to Turkey from thirty to forty vehicles. The Turkish artillery opened fire when the cars in the city of Afrin approached, according to the army. That emphasized a lot of effort to have done to keep civilian casualties to avoid.

The YPG spokesman in Afrin said that several vehicles in flames, by the bombardment. He suggested that citizens from different places in the convoy were. The Turkish attack would be ten people injured. A person came to life. In total, hundreds of people in the vehicles have been sitting.

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