Trump announces ‘toughest sanctions ever against North Korea

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The American president Donald Trump has Friday new sanctions against North Korea announced to his words, the ‘heaviest ever’. Furthermore, he repeated again all his classic hobbies.

“We have the toughest sanctions ever against a country issued,” it was Donald Trump by NBC in a tweet quoted. The president was referring to new sanctions against the nuclear program of the communist regime in Pyongyang. Trump made the announcement after a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual political gathering of conservative activists and politicians in the United States.

The sanctions measures in accordance with U.s. government 27 companies/shipping companies and 28 ships in North Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, hong Kong,the marshall islands, Tanzania, Panama and the Comoros is located, there are registered or under one of those flags sail. The ministry of Finance to clarify that the ‘all illegal roads that North Korea used to sanctions, to escape aggressive [want to] see’. According to minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, the president has companies around the world understood that, ‘if they choose the nuclear ambitions of North Korea to finance, they not will do business with the USA”, he added.

During his speech bewierookte Trump himself again: the drastic tax cuts, his klimaatbeslissingen, the rise of the stock market, deregulation with job creation as a result, ” for the first wage increases since many, many years, the increased budget for defence… And, of course, also had the ‘fake media’ the brunt of it.

‘Democrats fight’

Also thought the Republican president that some Democrats will go through to his Grand Old Party (GOP), and he said that there are more Republicans in the Congress are required. Trump broke a lance for the ‘battle’ of the Democratrische fractieleidster in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “The Democrats want even more money to squander’.

The president also came back on the bloody shooting at a school in Florida. “We will act upon it. We will do something. We will act upon it.’ He defended then on Thursday expanded tweets insight regarding the arming of teachers, and weapon-free schools still unsafe for the students.

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